Bike SAG (Support And Gear) founded in 2010, has provided a professional SAG wagon service to over 700 days of cycling events. Past events include Interbike, Sea Otter Classic, Bike Florida, Bike Virginia, Tour de Cure, Ride 2 Recovery, Bike MS, Club Rides, Training Rides and many other charity rides.

Founded by Dave Lancaster who began a cycling carrier in 1976. In the late 1990 Dave began providing a SAG wagon for some club rides and charity rides to help promote a bike shop that he once managed. It wasn’t until years later when a charity ride had no volunteer SAG drivers show up, leaving over 7 cyclists stranded. Once Dave heard the news, he knew something had to be done and a few months later Bike SAG was born.

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Roadside Repairs
Transport down Cyclists
Removal and Marking Road Hazards
Search for Lost Cyclists 
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Supplied with parts, hydration & nutrition

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