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Greg Fredrickson        S-3        3            Link       

Florida SAG



First Aid Training

CPR Training

​Amerture Radio Operator

​Active or Retired LEO


​Active or Retired Medic

​Other First Responders

Certified SAG™ Driver have completed at least all available online SAG Training Classes. Including passing a background check confirming they possess a valid Driver’s License, Auto Insurance and have not been convicted of a sexual crime or DUI. We also perform random background checks throughout the year to make sure Certified SAG™ Drivers stay in compliance. Certified SAG™ is continuing to keep drivers up dated with latest information regarding safety and efficiency. We also agree to work together and share valuable experiences to improve the SAG service.

Certified SAG™ Ranks

  • S-1 Novice completing all available online class
  • S-2 Same as S-1 with proof of skilled bicycle mechanic
  • S-3 Same as S-1 or S-2 with over 30 days of experience service  
  • S-4 Meet all the requirements to be a Certified SAG™ instructor. With the completion of a live hands on training. Possessing Commercial Auto Insurance and personal Liability Insurance.   
  • S-5 Any member who has meet the S-4 qualifications and has performed with a safe record for over 200 days of service. Including one who has gone way beyond the service or has developed an improved method or product in the SAG Service

To Contact a Certified SAG™ Driver for service please fill out the form on the right of this page.
For more information about becoming a Certified SAG™ Driver contact Bike SAG Dave through the form on the right.

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Bike SAG Dave          S-5         20         Link      


Florida & National SAG


Mid Atlantic SAG

Name                        Rank    Years    Website    Skills                                

Kyle                               S-3        7