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Prevent, accidents, assure event safety & efficiency with trained SAG Wagon Drivers 

The SAG (Support and Gear) Wagon driver contributes a vital role in the safety of cyclists on organized rides. Driving the SAG wagon can be one of the most demanding jobs placed on a volunteer. Initially, one might assume that any cyclist with a valid driver’s license could perform the tasks associated with SAG. However, just because someone has a driver’s license and is an avid cyclist doesn’t mean they know how to conduct themselves safely in traffic around cyclists. Many demands are placed on the SAG Driver from driving on unfamiliar roads, navigating the routes, looking for cyclists, taking calls, looking out for road hazards and driving with heavy cycling traffic. Frequently, novice SAG drivers make critical errors in judgement and create potentially hazardous situations. 

With 20 years (over 700 days of support in the last 8 years) of experience it’s time to share the knowledge to train others how to have a safe and efficient SAG operation

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Training For:

     Volunteer SAGs

     Private SAGs

     Professional SAGs

​     Communication 

     SAG Operation


​​Be sure To Try Out Our FREE Sample Class

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Training Topics:

     Road Hazards 

     Marking Routes 

     Route Designs  

     Crash Reports 

     Severe weatheR